[Zope] Controlling caching of objects

Bjorn Stabell bjorn at exoweb.net
Wed Oct 22 04:05:21 EDT 2003

In Zope 2.6.2 it's quite easy to put an upper limit on the number of
objects in memory per thread.  But does this mean that Zope won't swap
out objects until it reaches that limit?
It looks like this:
    Target # of objects per thread:    20,000
    Actual # of objects per thread:    ~15,000
    Actual # of ghost objects per thread:    ~43,000
Were the ghost objects once loaded in memory and then swapped out?  If
so, why were they swapped out?
I find the current system of controlling # of objects in memory per
thread to be a bit difficult to use.  Most people, I think, would prefer
to put an upper limit on the total MB of memory Zope uses instead.  Are,
what are the cons/pros?


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