[Zope] Postgres with Zope.

Rajeev Sharma rajeev at netcore.co.in
Wed Oct 22 17:42:39 EDT 2003


> I wish you luck.  Contact me if you still need more help.

My Need: Connectivity between  zope and postgres.

Software Using : Postgres 7.3.4
                 Zope 2.6.2
                 Python 2.3
Now i tried to use Popy-2.0.8 and psycopg-1.1.9

First i complied Popy (sucessfully,didn't show any error but asked for postgres
headers and libraries with mxdatetime header, i gave proper path and it was done
i.e ./configure,make and make install ....i used ) and tried to added 
 ZPoypDA 0.8 in my $ZOPE_HOME/lib/python/Products and restarted my Zope server .

And then i checked Product Managment ...ZPopyDa was there but as a broken PKG.

Same thing happen when i tried to add psycopg-1.1.9 and  with available pkg 

It was also there as a broken pkg.

Please tell me what else is required to know more about the problem.

What can be the problem? Any suggestion..

Thanks in advance 



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