[Zope] __before_publishing_traverse__ and caching

Tobias Herp therp at apriori.de
Wed Oct 22 09:43:32 EDT 2003


I have a Python product which features a __before_publishing_traverse__ 
method, setting some REQUEST variables and in turn deleting the optional 
"([language],[template])" path element. Now I'd like to get the Cache 
Manager to cache these http://the.domain/path/to/site/(en,default)/home 
etc. pages (and, of course, appropriate versions of 
http://the.domain/path/to/site/(en,default)/site.css etc as well).

However, when I create a RAM Cache Manager in the site object, this 
won't use these virtual paths (with "(en,default)" just behind the site 
object) but the physical ones.  Is it possible to tell the Cache Manager 
to cache just every request to a page object, preserving the given path?



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