[Zope] Building Zope on Windows

Chris McDonough chrism at zopemafia.com
Wed Oct 22 13:03:47 EDT 2003

Sorry, correction, cvs.zope.org is up for checkouts and the package you
want is "Packages/WinBuilders".

On Wed, 2003-10-22 at 11:46, Andy McKay wrote:
> Etienne Labuschagne wrote:
> > After Googling around, I could not find the answer to this one:
> > 
> > My C/C++ experience is limited to working in Borland's C++ Builder 
> > environment which hides most of the make/build intricacies from the 
> > user.  As a result I do not have a clue how to create make files.  As a 
> > result I do not have a clue how to build Zope on Windows.
> As stated in doc/INSTALL.txt you can do the configure / make dance if 
> you have cygwin or similiar tools installed.
> I have no idea how borland works, so you'll probably have to do some 
> digging. Using Visual Studio all you have to do is ensure the Visual 
> Studio environment variables are set and type: "python setup.py install" 
> which will work as well.

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