[Zope] Re: __before_publishing_traverse__ and caching

Jamie Heilman jamie at audible.transient.net
Thu Oct 23 05:45:23 EDT 2003

Tobias Herp wrote:
> Isn't it sufficient to inherit Cacheable, and the result of the 
> index_html method will be cached?  What more is needed?

No its not sufficient, you have to actually use the ZCacheable
API if you want to benefit from a cache manager.  Read the source for
another product like PythonScripts or PageTemplates to see examples of
how to do it, but more importantly read OFS/Cache.py to see how it
actually works.
> These URLs won't ever be listed in the association tab, right?  So
> how can I get them cached? Can't my objects be recognised as
> cacheable just by their type, and automatically added when first
> accessed?

Well the associations tab lists objects, not URLs, so presumebly
you're correct.  If your objects return different values depending on
the context they are called from (which IIUC, is the case) then you
should make sure the context is included in the keywords data presented
to ZCacheable_set().

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