[Zope] Re: using the Cacheable API (was: __before_publishing_traverse__ and caching)

Tobias Herp therp at apriori.de
Thu Oct 23 06:28:58 EDT 2003

Jamie Heilman wrote:

> Tobias Herp wrote:
>>Isn't it sufficient to inherit Cacheable, and the result of the 
>>index_html method will be cached?  What more is needed?
> No its not sufficient, you have to actually use the ZCacheable
> API if you want to benefit from a cache manager.  Read the source for
> another product like PythonScripts or PageTemplates to see examples of
> how to do it, but more importantly read OFS/Cache.py to see how it
> actually works.

Ok, after some reading in ZopePageTemplate.py my understanding is as 

- when my object changes, ZCacheable_invalidate must be called

- in my index_html, try to get a cached value via ZCacheable_get

- if there is no cacheable value yet, store it via ZCacheable_set

- the keyset to use is a dictionary containing the request variables 
which are the keys, e.g. { 'language': REQUEST.get('language'), 
'template': REQUEST.get('template'), }

Correct? Still missing something?



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