[Zope] Controlling caching of objects

Bjorn Stabell bjorn at exoweb.net
Thu Oct 23 06:46:11 EDT 2003

> From: Toby Dickenson [mailto:tdickenson at geminidataloggers.com] 
> Is that an assumption, or measurement?.... there are several 
> useful pages in control panel.

After restart + 1 minutes (1-2 accesses that does 1-2 catalog queries
each) it's at 9,870 objects (total) using 130 MB of RAM, giving 13.1 kB
per object.  I've got profiling and debugging on now.  From experience,
it's varied from 8 kB to 13 kB per object.

Okay, so what are these objects:

Top Refcounts:
	DateTime.DateTime.DateTime: 59530
	BTrees._IIBTree.IISet: 4002
	BTrees._IOBTree.IOBucket: 2573
	RestrictedPython.compiler_2_1.misc.Set: 2308
	AccessControl.User.User: 1632
	Products.CMFCore.MemberDataTool.MemberData: 1628
	BTrees.OOBTree.OOBucket: 1469
	Persistence.PersistenceMapping: 1331
	OFS.Image.Image: 692
	App.ImageFile.ImageFile: 319

The Cache Detail page corresponds to the Top Refcounts, but doesn't list
many classes, such as DateTime.DateTime.DateTime?

Hm, that's about all I can find out.  Does this look strange?

The application running on the site, by the way, is a BBS-type
application with a few thousand messages imported from another system.


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