[Zope] Controlling caching of objects

Bjorn Stabell bjorn at exoweb.net
Thu Oct 23 08:11:16 EDT 2003

> From: Toby Dickenson [mailto:tdickenson at geminidataloggers.com] 
> "Cache Extreme Detail" is the page to study (although it is 
> too big to post here). Look at what objects are live in each
> > the Top Refcounts,
> That page is good for tracking down memory leaks, but not so good for 
> analysing cache behaviour. For example, I cant tell whether 
> those 1628 member objects exist as ghosts (good) or activated objects

I'm a bit surprised; a lot of them were loaded, so that seems to
indicate some kind of problem.  But it's hard to get something sensible
out of the extreme cache detail pages with nearly 10,000 objects loaded,
and more ghosted.

Is it possible to find out why an object was loaded?  Or at least, is it
possibly (without searching the entire database) to find out who
references an object so you can narrow down the suspects?


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