[Zope] Changing the name of the access log file

cnk at caltech.edu cnk at caltech.edu
Thu Oct 23 20:21:07 EDT 2003

I have tried Googling for the answer to this but the words I have been
trying seem to common - or return copies of how to turn on the
rotating_file_logger. Did that, and it is swell. Now I would like my
access log to be named something more descriptive than Z2.log. I am
sure that someone has changed the logger - or the z2.py script - so
that you can pass it a file name, not just the file path, for the
access log. Can anyone point me to such a write up? Looking at the
source, I have a couple of ideas what to chagne but would prefer to
use a pre-tested hack to configure my first Zope server.

cnk at caltech.edu

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