[Zope] CSS & Acquisition? /kv

Kai Vermehr k at eboy.com
Fri Oct 24 18:58:03 EDT 2003

How change the background color for the content of different subfolders as
easily as possible? They all share the same index_html which is placed
inside the top-level folder.

This widely used index_html reffers to a style_sheet (dtml-doc) also placed
inside the top-level folder.

Now I just want to change the background colors for some subfolders without
having to copy the complete style_sheet to them. If I did so, other changes
on the top-level style_sheet would not apply to the folders with their own

Only want to change the background color.

This does not work: (why?)
I created a style_background_color dtml-doc just with the plain color info
(#FFFF55). Now I reference to it from the style_sheet (which resides inside
the top-level folder).

If I place the style_background_color object inside a sub-folder, change its
color string to #000022 it should work for this and all subfolders. They all
acquire the index_html dtml-method from the top-level folder which in turn
uses the style_sheet dtml-doc inside the same top-level folder.

And they don't use the local style_background_color dtml-doc with the
different color ... why?

thanks! -- 'K:)?

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