[Zope] newbie: ZTP, SQL, plone

andrew cooke andrew at acooke.org
Sun Oct 26 09:27:43 EST 2003

for the record, the (or, at least, a) solution is:

    <ul tal:repeat="item root/Plone/timesheets/sql/list_people">
     <li tal:content="item/person">name</li>


andrew cooke said:

> hi,
> maybe i'm being trying too much too soon, but i'd appreciate help with the
> following (i'm new to zope but have used python for years and have some
> experience with jsp and similar web tech).
> i am using plone with postgresql.  the DA is working.  my problems are, i
> think related to ZTP and how to structure applications.
> i have the folder "timesheets" defined inside my root folder.  as two
> subfolders i have "sql" and "ztp"
> in /timesheets/sql are two SQL methods: add_person and list_people.  the
> SQL method /timesheets/sql/list_people returns a list of people from a
> table.  this works (the "test" button produces results; the column name is
> "person").
> but how do i get that data displayed in the ZTP page?  i have a page in
> the /timesheets/ztp folder (also called "list_people") with the following
> text, but it won't compile:
>     <ul tal:repeat="item /timesheets/sql/list_people">
>      <li tal:content="item/person">name</li>
>     </ul>
> the error message is: Compilation failed
> TAL.TALDefs.TALError: Invalid variable name "" in expression
> '/timesheets/sql/list_people'
> my problem seems to be accessing the sql method that is
> "../sql/list_people" relative to the location of the ztp page.  how i do
> this?  or is the problem elsewhere?
> apologies if i've done soemthing very stupid!
> cheers,
> andrew
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