[Zope] newbie: ZTP in Plone

andrew cooke andrew at acooke.org
Sun Oct 26 11:13:33 EST 2003

I can see why it's not possible to add ZTP via the Plone interface, but I
don't see why it's not possible to extend the Plone site via the ZMI.  If
I want to mix content and scripting then surely I don't have to start from

I'm trying to make a site that has areas where users discuss stuff etc,
but which also contains some dynamic pages displaying data in a database. 
Can I not build on Plone for that?


Jens Vagelpohl said:

>> If I work in ZMI and add a ZTP page to the Plone folder, it doesn't
>> appear
>> as a Plone page.  If I add ZTP to a Plone document, it's not
>> interpreted.
>> I must be missing something really obvious.  Please, what is it?  How
>> do I
>> get ZTP working inside a page that is visible in the Plone site?  I've
>> looked through the Plone docs, but can't find anything relevant, and
>> I've
>> searched the net (honestly! - I know it must be staring me in the
>> face...)
> You're missing the basic premise that CMF, and by extension Plone, are
> about *content* and not *scripting* as far as what you can add through
> their respective user interfaces goes.
> jens


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