[Zope] newSecurityManager w/ LDAPUserFolder still doesn't work for me!

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Sun Oct 26 12:33:02 EST 2003

Brad Clements wrote at 2003-10-26 11:39 -0500:
 > I want to be able to 'su' as another user within Zope if a PythonScript is called with valid 
 > REQUEST.form values.
 > Attached below is my extension method, which sorta works. The problem is that after I 
 > call newSecurityManager, the 'new user' doesn't have View rights to the User object, so 
 > calling getProperty() on it fails. I'm using LDAPUserFolder
 > ....
 >     newUser = newUser.__of__(getattr(userFolder,'aq_base', userFolder))

Try "newUser= newUser.__of__(userFolder)".

I am not sure, it will work but at least it is more correct
than your version.


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