[Zope] Accessing ZSQL result object contents via python:repeat

Ian Bicking ianb at colorstudy.com
Sun Oct 26 18:10:56 EST 2003

On Sunday, October 26, 2003, at 03:12 PM, andrew cooke wrote:
> I have an ZSQL result, which I am iterating over using tal:repeat.  I 
> can
> access the column values using tal syntax like item/col1 and item/col2.
> But how do I access thes values via Python?  I've tried
> python:repeat['item'].col1, python:repeat['item'].col1(), and
> python:repeat['item']['col1'], but none of those work.  What's the 
> magic
> recipe?

python: item.col1

(You can slap yourself on the forehead now ;)

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