[Zope] installation

Sergey Volobuev zope at phpv.khv.ru
Sun Oct 26 22:25:52 EST 2003

> Could I install Zope on the same PC as another software package that 
> uses Zope as infrastructure? I am using Windows XP as my operating 
> system. I want to run two packages on my computer, NOT simultanously. 
> One pack is 'Zope', I downloaded 'Zope-2.6.2-win32-x86.exe' and 
> installed it according to the instructions. The other package is 
> software that using Zope as infrastructure. I installed this software 
> first. When I run it, it opens a webpage with 'localhost:8080'. When I 
> terminate the program, and then try to run zope. Nothing happen. Both 
> packages are installed in my 'program files'.

Look at start.bat or z2.py at your Zope installation - you should change 
ports on which Zope listens in order to run multiple instances of Zope 
simultaneously. For example, you can have one instance running at port 
8080 for http and 8021 for ftp and other one running at 9080 and 9021.

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