[Zope] newbie: ZTP in Plone

Max M maxm at mxm.dk
Mon Oct 27 03:08:51 EST 2003

andrew cooke wrote:

> I can write pages with ZTP via the ZMI and I can add pages to my Plone
> site via the Plone interface.  But I can't seem to combine the two!

Using individual ZPT's in Plone folders is not how it is supposed to be 
done. You *can* do it that way however.

But a ZPT is not a document and will not act like one. There is no 
cataloging, workflow, meta data etc.

But sometimes it can be usefull to create a ZPT in a folder. Ie. for 
making a complex layout in a folder other that the home page.

So you just put a ZPT called index_html or something into a Plone 
folder, and it will work as expected.

You must be aware though, that you still need to use a layout following 
the layout in main_template. It is most easily done by modifying any 
page from the skin that looks most like the one you want to acheive.

Regards Max M

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