[ZODB-Dev] RE: [Zope] Analyzing ZODB objects

Bjorn Stabell bjorn at exoweb.net
Mon Oct 27 03:46:50 EST 2003

> > Well, we still run out of memory, and then it's useful to 
> know why. :) 
> > Caring about memory usage is caring about (one kind of) scalability.
> How would you debug this problem in an application that didnt 
> use ZODB?
> Why does ZODB make a difference?

It's just all things considered, it's very complicated;

- It is, by nature, not easy to debug memory usage of Python
- It is even harder to debug systems with persistent objects and classes
that evolve
- It is much harder still to debug big (and complex) systems that are
not very well documented

It would be good to have better tools (e.g., DB admin tool) and more
docs (which I guess the archived version of this thread is helping
with), especially since Zope+ZODB is a platform, not a one-off

I'm aware Zope is open source and I should contribute code, not
complaints.  Apologies :)  I've used Zope/Python for a while, and I'm
not about to switch.


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