[Zope] delete 'Data.fs.lock'

Passin, Tom tpassin at mitretek.org
Tue Oct 28 13:33:56 EST 2003

[Justin Xi ZHU]

> I made sure all other processes are closed. The message still 
> appeared. 
> With the assistance of a member of the list, we isolated the 
> problem to the 
> Zope product that didn't stop cleanly, locked the 
> 'Data.fs.lock'  file and 
> failed to delete it. We need to delete it manually. However, 
> when I try to 
> delete it. This error message appeared.
> '
> Cannot delete Data.fs: It is being used by another or 
> program. Close any 
> programs that might be using the file and try again.
> '
> Again, I closed all applications. The error persists.

If this is Windows, make sure that Zope is not still running as a
service, make sure you have Administrator rights (which you would need
to klill the service), and then you should be able to delete it.  I have
had one strange case where I could not delete a locked file but was able
to rename it, after which I could delete it (I do not think this was
Zope-related, though I cannot remember the details any more)!


Tom P

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