[Zope] rss compliant blog

Katie Legere klegere at kfpl.ca
Tue Oct 28 15:32:23 EST 2003

We have a blog (similar to the guest book idea) Users post, It creating dtml
documents and the index page iterates through them to give a 'visual'
We'd like this to be rss compliant and use an internal aggregator so we've
written the following xml page to go with it :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?>
 <rss version="2.0">

     <title>KFPL on Zope</title>
     <description>Kingston Frontenac Public Library Site</description>


    <dtml-in expr="objectValues('DTML
Document')"sort="bobobase_modification_time" reverse>

     <title> Central Blog </title>
       <description><dtml-var document_src html_quote>  Submitted by:
         <dtml-var staff_name html_quote null="Anonymous"> on:
         <dtml-var bobobase_modification_time fmt=aCommon>



To me this seems right but the aggregator seems to be having trouble with
it. have I missed something?

Katie Legere
Kingston Frontenac Public Library

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