[ZODB-Dev] RE: [Zope] Analyzing ZODB objects

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Tue Oct 28 13:56:08 EST 2003

Bjorn Stabell wrote at 2003-10-27 16:46 +0800:
 > ...
 > It's just all things considered, it's very complicated;
 > - It is, by nature, not easy to debug memory usage of Python
 > applications

Not sure, this is true:

  There are debug builds of Python such that all Python objects
  are linked. Thus, you can access all Python objects in use,
  if this should really be necessary.

  Memory consumption for Python objects is quite natural if
  it is sufficient to get the order rather than the precise
  value. And, to understand why your application runs out of
  memory, nowadays you need only the order and no longer
  the precise value.

 > - It is even harder to debug systems with persistent objects and classes
 > that evolve

It is far more difficult to debug non-deterministic distributed systems.
Persistence does not much increase the complexity of debugging.

 > - It is much harder still to debug big (and complex) systems that are
 > not very well documented

Did you read the available ZODB and Python documentation?
If guess, only superficially at most...

Many people request documentation but many of them do not read the
available parts.

 > It would be good to have better tools (e.g., DB admin tool) and more
 > docs (which I guess the archived version of this thread is helping
 > with), especially since Zope+ZODB is a platform, not a one-off
 > application.

Then, build them and donate them to the community...

 > I'm aware Zope is open source and I should contribute code,
Fine, thus I am starting to wait for your contributions...


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