[Zope] Searching across multiple indexes

Paul Howell paul at smoothstone.com
Tue Oct 28 22:08:27 EST 2003

 From one Paul to another Paul,

    To achieve boolean 'or' searches in ZCatalog, try something like this:

1. make a python script named description_notes, with the following one 
line that concatenates your description and notes attributes.  place this 
script down low in your zope so that it can be acquired from your catalog 
and objects to be indexed.  no parameters are passed, only the context is 

return context.description + '/n' + context.notes

2. create a new index in your ZCatalog called 'description_notes'.  Thanks 
to acquisition, ZCatalog will find the description_notes script and run it 
for each new object being cataloged.

Now the index will capture any term that is in the concatenated description 
and notes field, which is perfectly equivalent to the boolean "or".  It 
works for me.  Almost needless to say, don't bother keeping this combined 
index term in your metadata :-)


At 01:44 PM 10/28/2003 +0000, Paul Smith wrote:
><snip>  However, if I change this code to read:
>results  python: here.Catalog({'description_idx':term},{'notes_idx':term});
>which I have read should produce an 'or' search, I only get results where 
>the first index (description_idx) matches. If I reverse the order, thus:
>results  python: here.Catalog({'notes_idx':term},{'description_idx':term});
>I get matches for the first index (notes_idx) but not the second 
>(description_idx) as before.
>I took this syntax from a document at:
>Can anyone tell me if this is supposed to work, and if so, why it's not; 
>or if it's not supposed to work, how I can do an 'or' search in similar 
>Thanks in advance,
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