[Zope] Zope re-writing URLs?

Marc Burgauer marc at sharedbase.com
Tue Oct 28 22:41:59 EST 2003


I encounter a strange problem with a link in hand-coded HTML pointing at a
directory in the directory tree.

I allow the owner of a site to upload images to a specific directory in the
tree. I created a custom page for links to "editing" pages with a link like

 <a href="/shopping/pictures/manage_main" target="_blank" title="Show
pictures directory">Show pictures directory</a>

When the page is rendered in either IE5, IE6 or Mozilla, the link suddenly
shows as:
/shopping/pictures/manage_workspace (manage_main replace by

The link takes the user back to the index_html in /shopping. (I think it
just looks for an index_html up the tree.) But I want the user to use the
management screens, so I don't need to write a custom interface for managing
the images.

I tried clearing the browser cache, also coded the link absolute with

In Safari, it works fine. No re-write, link appears as coded and works!

Has somebody encountered this?

Zope 2.3 on Solaris 8; Intel-box.



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