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Michel Pottier Michel.Pottier at mfi.fr
Wed Oct 29 04:02:15 EST 2003

Le mer 29/10/2003 à 02:59, Chy Ty a écrit :
> Dear Sir
> could you tell me how can members use the external editor (show the pencil
> icon).
> I have already install the External Editor product but I can only see the
> pencil icon on the Zope management Interface.
> Thank
yesterday i have installed ExternalEditor without problem. All work
fine.You have just to follow the procedure describe in the file 
INSTALL-UNIX.txt (or windows). In summary, you have to:
* unpack ExternalEditor-0.7.tgz in the products directory
* unpack zopeedit-0.7-src.tgz in this same (or another) directory
* go to the new    zopeedit-0.7-src
* as root user type: python2.2 setup.py install (zopeedit.py
  will be installed in /usr/bin)
* enter in the web browser prefernce->helper application
  * create a new one:
     - mime-type application/x-zope-edit
     - open it with: /usr/bin/zopeedit.py
* Verify that you have tkinter installed (On my pc i have installed:
   tix-8.1.4-88.i386.rpm itcl-3.2-88.i386.rpm tkinter-2.2.2-26.i386.rpm)

* After that the first time you click on the pencil, a window will open
asking you which editor you want to use. I use xemacs withou problem. I
have also try vi (xterm -e vi)
* You will get  .zope-external-edit in your home directory in which you
can configure manually the editor
I use redhat 9 and mozilla

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