[Zope] Zope re-writing URLs?

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Wed Oct 29 15:23:30 EST 2003

Marc Burgauer wrote at 2003-10-29 03:41 +0000:
 > ...
 > I allow the owner of a site to upload images to a specific directory in the
 > tree. I created a custom page for links to "editing" pages with a link like
 > this:
 >  <a href="/shopping/pictures/manage_main" target="_blank" title="Show
 > pictures directory">Show pictures directory</a>
 > When the page is rendered in either IE5, IE6 or Mozilla, the link suddenly
 > shows as:
 > /shopping/pictures/manage_workspace (manage_main replace by
 > manage_workspace)

This may be a "redirect". Check your Apache/ZServer log file.
The "ZServer" log file is (per default) in "var/Z2.log".

 > The link takes the user back to the index_html in /shopping. (I think it
 > just looks for an index_html up the tree.) But I want the user to use the
 > management screens, so I don't need to write a custom interface for managing
 > the images.

"manage_workspace" displays the management page for the object
depending on the users rights. It redirects to the first tab
the user has rights to view. In your case, this seems to be the
"View" tab.

Therefore, I expect your problem is an authorization problem.
Check that the user has the necessary rights to view an tab
before the "View" tab.


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