[Zope] Zope + Python 2.2 on Windows

zoper zoper at disturbance.dhs.org
Wed Oct 29 16:51:35 EST 2003


I have a situation in which I am required to set up Zope with Python + 
PyXML on a laptop running Windows (2000) so that a product of ours can 
be demonstrated in the field. This would be ALMOST no problem, except 
that PyXML under versions less than 2.2 of python do not have the length 
property on nodeLists, and this is absolutely required by our code.

Is there any way to get the binary distribution of Zope for win32 to run 
with Python 2.2 (or 2.3)?  I am having NO success getting Zope compiled 
in cygwin, and of course I am extremely contrained for time. Is there 
perhaps anyone who has done up an unoficcial Zope / Py 2.2/2.3 
distribution for Win32?

This is the last hoop to cross - I already got pgsql etc running the way 
I need them to.

Thanks in advance for any advice,


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