[Zope] Epoz, epozng, htmlarea3

Jim Penny jpenny at universal-fasteners.com
Wed Oct 29 16:22:05 EST 2003

We now have three (or maybe four) rich widgets that attempt to replace
textareas; Epoz, epozNG (a.k.a epoz), and htmlarea3.

Could someone do some compare and contrast on these systems?

Is epoz replacing Epoz?

htmlarea3 can apparently handle multiple textareas in a form, although
there is some indication that MSIE support for this is limited, in that
only seven textareas can be handled in a single form. Epoz and epoz
apparently cannot handle multiple textareas. 

If this is in fact true - could some javascript guru show how to create
a form that passes the current value of a textarea into a popup epoz
editor.  When the popup is saved, it should place the result back into
the original textarea.  (It would be nicer if a formatted object could
be used instead of a textarea, but I don't see how to do that in

Thanks for any guidance.

Jim Penny 

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