[Zope] Newbie: Zope installation and phpBB compatibility

Paulo Jorge de Oliveira Cantante de Matos pocm at netvisao.pt
Thu Oct 30 10:41:05 EST 2003

Hi all,

The first time I read about zope was about 20 minutes ago and since then
I've been reading some docs. I'm developing a website and I have 2
questions. But before that, the facts: I have a server running apache2
webserver and I've already installed phpBB to run a forum in my site.

Question 1: Is zope compatible with apache2 and phpBB?
Question 2: I was thinking about developing the website in my laptop and
the deploying it to the server through scp, ftp, I don't really know yet
(maybe there's an easier way but none I know about). Where should I
install zope, on the server or on my laptop? If I put it on the laptop
will zope allow me to deploy it to the server? If I install it on the
server, can I develop the website on my laptop?

Please help me with any suggestions.

Best regards,

Paulo J. Matos : pocm at mega.ist.utl.pt
Instituto Superior Tecnico - Lisbon
Computer and Software Eng. - A.I.
 - > http://mega.ist.utl.pt/~pocm
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