[Zope] Odd ZCTextIndex behavior

Lee J. McAllister ljmcallister at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 30 13:26:28 EST 2003

What's the likelyhood that Python is playing silly buggers with type's?  To 
python a bare '451' will generally look like, and be converted to, an 
Integer instead of a string.  If that's not caught and forcibly converted 
properly it could cause something like what you're describing.


>sounds like it's not a problem then. Try searching for *451. If that
>works, then you only need 1 wildcard.
>Derek Wilson
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>	Subject: [Zope] Odd ZCTextIndex behavior
>	Hi folks -
>	I've noticed some odd behavior in the ZCTextIndex. I have an
>index of searchable terms that include, among other things, the author's
>employer's name. In instances where the company name is a string
>followed by a number (in this instance, "the451 group"), searching for
>the number ("451") even with wildcards ("*451*"), only finds references
>where the number is alone, and not part of any other string. Oddly,
>searching for "t*451" matches the name.
>	I'm running the binary 2.6.2 (and 2.6.1) releases on linux. This
>occurrs in both.
>	Any ideas why this would happen? Is this correctable?
>	-jim
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