[Zope] help me!!!!

Steve McMahon steve at dcn.org
Thu Oct 30 19:37:43 EST 2003

Rajeev Sharma wrote:
> ....
> and then start zope as 
> ./start -u root 
> may be it will help you .

Maybe this will help you give away root control of your server.

Do not do this for anything other than a test configuration! This 
setting effectively gives anyone who manages or subverts the Zope 
install the keys to your server.

Instead, create a minimally privileged user (e.g., "zope") and group. 
Make sure that user can update the Zope install's var directory. Then, 
use the "-u user" argument to set Zope to run as that user, e.g., "-u zope".

Do not connect a server to the Internet unless you understand why this 
is important.


Steve McMahon
Reid-McMahon, LLC

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