[Zope] Newbie: Zope installation and phpBB compatibility

Heimo Laukkanen huima at iki.fi
Fri Oct 31 14:26:19 EST 2003

> On Thu, 30 Oct 2003 15:41:05 +0000
> Paulo Jorge de Oliveira Cantante de Matos <pocm at netvisao.pt> wrote:
>>> Question 1: Is zope compatible with apache2 and phpBB?
> Certainly no problem with apache2, not sure about phpBB.

Well compatibility with phpBB is what you want to make out of it.

The most obvious question naturally is how to use same userdatabase and 
profiles with Zope and phpbb. For that you need to modify some 
userfolder - for example exUserFolder to use the phpBB database.

Needles to say, that requires knowledge of both how phpBB works and 
Python programming on Zope.

> It is OK to do initial development on the laptop.  But once you have a
> system working, you will want to move your laptops Data.fs to its
> permanent location on the server.  After that, you have to manually
> export and re-import folders. I would just work from the server from the
> beginning.

As a tip to the development, do most of the development work on 
filesystem - so that code can be put into CVS or other versioning system 
and story only data ( ie. content ) inside zodb. This way it is also 
easy to manage different versions of the site ( development, staging, 
production ).


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