[Zope] FTP upload of ExtImage

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Fri Oct 31 15:50:56 EST 2003

Please stay on the list...

Klimovich Alexander wrote at 2003-10-31 09:42 +0200:
 > ...
 > I have discovered that PUT_factory works, but I was unable
 > to create ExtFile/ExtImage object (and I suppose it isn't so
 > simple as I think).

It should be simple. What went wrong?

Remember: just saying "did'nt work" is forbidden. You *MUST* provide detailed
problem reports; otherwise, we cannot help you.

Usually, when you do something wrong, there are exceptions.
A detailed problem report for an exception includes:
"Error type", "error value" and the traceback (--> "/error_log").

When there is no exception, we need a precise description
what happened, maybe with code.

 > Did you have such situation before?

Sometimes, applications I write do not work as expected.
I look at the error indications, analyse them and usually
find a solution.

 > Can you give sample of code for creating ExtFile or ExtImage in
 > PUT_factory method?

 def PUT_factory(self,name,typ,body):
   from Products.ExtFile import ExtFile

   obj= ExtFile(name)
   return obj


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