[Zope] Pass Variable to ZSQL from HTML page REQUEST object.

RI Dunfey s0231134 at sms.ed.ac.uk
Mon Feb 2 06:45:42 EST 2004


I have a html page with the following dtml tag:

<dtml-in get_names>
<dtml-var NAME></a>

When the page loads it calls the zsql that returns NAME and JOB.  So I can 
access these from the request object, as above.

However, how would I pass a variable to the zSQL?  The value of the variable I 
want to pass is stored in the request object when the page loads.  I have 
looked in the book but this is not explained?  In the example above, I would 
wish to pass a vaiable to the get_names SQL?

Any help appreciated,


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