[Zope] Pass Variable to ZSQL from HTML page REQUEST object.

J Cameron Cooper jccooper at jcameroncooper.com
Tue Feb 3 18:51:30 EST 2004

RI Dunfey wrote:

>I have a html page with the following dtml tag:
><dtml-in get_names>
><dtml-var NAME></a>
>When the page loads it calls the zsql that returns NAME and JOB.  So I can 
>access these from the request object, as above.
>However, how would I pass a variable to the zSQL?  The value of the variable I 
>want to pass is stored in the request object when the page loads.  I have 
>looked in the book but this is not explained?  In the example above, I would 
>wish to pass a vaiable to the get_names SQL?
ZSQL methods render their query with DTML, and I think you can just 
treat them as such. Meaning that you can just use that request parameter 
in the ZSQL method just as you would in a DTML method you called.

A more general answer (and what you need to do if I'm wrong above -- I 
haven't done that in a long time) is that you call it like any Python 
method. Give the ZSQL method some parameters through the ZMI and then 
call it like such::

some_method(apples=varapples, bananas=varbananas, oranges=0)

Note that positional parameters will not work. You must use keyword 
parameters as above. In DTML you use the 'expr=""' or simply the quoted 
syntax to do python. In ZPT, you use the 'python:' statement. In Python 
scripts or filesystem code, well, you have no alternative syntax.


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