[Zope] Code protection in Zope

Celula Research fb at celula.com
Wed Feb 4 13:25:14 EST 2004

Now that the issue has come up...

What would be a good way to protect code in Zope, both in straight
Python code in the file system -Products/Extensions- and dtml/tal  ?

We have developed solutions which would like to install in customer's 
equipment, nevertheless, we can't or don't want to give out the source
code and/or risk the products to be distributed without the appropriate
permissions, therefore we are looking for some sort of safeguarding the

I know this may look as against the "Open Source" model, but
unfortunately, contracts, NDAs and all that stuff DO exist and therefore
we are obliged to comply with them.

Any comments are more than welcome.


> by the way, .pyc files don't protect your code very well,
> if that's why you're shipping only them.
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