[Zope] Zope & Mailman

Coen de Groot CoachCoen at CompassMentis.com
Thu Feb 5 06:33:16 EST 2004

> It seems a little pointless re-inventing the wheel when there is a
> perfectly good, well established mailing list manager like Mailman around
> to go to the bother of installing something completely new and untried
> just for the sake of a few web pages. I would much rather prefer to have
> Mailman working under Zope than having a new mailer.

This is something that I will be working on this year

For starters I will create a members-only searchable archive of Mailman
messages, with the messages stored in PostgreSQL

Unless anyone has any better suggestions, I will probably do it as follows:
* Some process to store messages in a PostgreSQL database as they come in
(haven't worked this bit out yet, although I have a few ideas)
* set up ExUserFolder to call some python code which retrieves user id (i.e.
email address) and password from Mailman
* Do a fairly straightforward search screen of the PostgreSQL database

Later this year I want to create a full-blown control panel for the members,
so once they have registered they can easily switch between different
Mailman discussion lists, instead of having a different log on for each
Mailman list. At that point the user details will probably move from Mailman
into PostgreSQL

I have already set up the main Mailman discussion list so it is a paid-for
list, with an annual membership fee. Most of the payment process is
automated, only requiring manual input for exceptions and for processing
off-line payments (e.g. cheques and bank transfers). This is currently in
python under Apache and will move to python under Zope later this year

If anyone is working on anything similar feel free to contact me. Or if
there is some code already out there, I would love to know about it

Obviously I'll also be checking with the Mailman community soon


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