[Zope] RE-- Zope 2.62/CMF/Plone- with apache

Sean Kelley sean at horse101.com
Thu Feb 5 13:47:26 EST 2004

I have this same problem and would be very interested in knowing the 
answer to it

From:  "Tony Cape" <tcape at p...>
Date:  Thu Feb 5, 2004  4:02 pm
Subject:  [Zope] Zope 2.62/CMF/Plone- with apache

I have successfully installed Zope/CMF/Plone on a Suse9 machine and also 
have apache setup.
Set up on home network
I used the Mod_rewrite option and Mod_proxy with apache to have my zope 
site displayed without the 8080 and without the directory structure 
navaigation in Zope.
I can get to my site fine from other machines on my network but it looks 
like Apache has stripped out most of the content formatting it looks 
like a static web page and at the bottom it there is a message stating 
if I'm seeing that text then I don't have a compliant browser, but I 
know I do.
As an FYI the site appears with all formatting intact when I get the 
site locally on the same machine the zope/apache server is running on.
Is mod_rewrite and mod_proxy not working correctly?
I've followed the instruction from the zope site which seem pretty 
straight forward and the fact that I can get to the site at all from 
another machine on my network tells me mod_rewrite and mod_proxy are set 
up right on apache.
As a side note I get the same results when I use the proxypass method of 
using apache and Zope
Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?
Thanks for any input

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