[Zope] regarding catalogs on website, ZODB or standard relational DB?

Alec Munro alec.munro at eoascientific.com
Thu Feb 5 15:25:42 EST 2004

Hi List,
I've struggled with this one for quite a while, at least partly due to 
my previous experience being with *SQL dbs.
I'm building an e-commerce site on Zope, and I've gotten to the point 
where I could see some huge advantages from a management perspective to 
doing catalog products as a zope objects, rather than table rows in 
MySQL. But, probably due to lack of experience, there are things that 
don't quite click for me yet. One of the main things is being able to 
easily and arbitrarily manipulate large numbers of products.
Performance is another thing I wonder about.
Basically, I would love to get advice from someone who has built an 
e-commerce site entirely on Zope, and any particular caveats they 
encountered. I'm very frustrated at this point because from a 
perspective of sense, products work great as objects, but not so well as 
rows in table.
Thanks for any help you can lend,

Alec Munro

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