[Zope] OT: Q about mockup-making software

J Cameron Cooper jccooper at jcameroncooper.com
Thu Feb 5 19:32:28 EST 2004

Chris McDonough wrote:

>On Thu, 2004-02-05 at 18:41, Paul Winkler wrote:
>>>It's pretty nice, though there are a few things it could do better (like 
>>>have templates for creating new pages.)
>It would be nice to be able to export denim "run mode" stuff to a
>directory full of GIFs and HTML files containing imagemaps and be able
>to put it up on a webserver.  For all I know, that's possible with some
>external tool, but doesn't appear to be possible within the tool
>itself.  No maillist archives evident, guess I'll need to google around
>or look through source.
Good news for you: you can do that already. A link off the front page 
goes to:


which is an exported site. It's one of the "Save As..." types.


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