[Zope] Successful exUserFolder Plone implementation example! odbc

Pram synapse135 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 6 00:51:37 EST 2004

i m using zope 2.6.2,ZODBC for mysql of win xp
i have created members dir and deleted the default
acl_users folder.
in members dir i hv created the XUF acl_users and
setup for mysql for standard authentication
- acl_users [ XUF ]
now i access the members dir ..i won't able to access
with the mysql users username and password..
i hv searched a lot and found some fix on the page

i hv modified the mysqlAuthSource.py and stared the
but still the system is not working..
afters doing some modification in file
some time it gives me maximum recursion error or
attibute error for mysqlauth etc..

please help 2 work with mysql,zope,xuf


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