[Zope] Re: eval in DTML

Kevin Carlson khcarlso at bellsouth.net
Fri Feb 6 16:47:20 EST 2004

Thanks for the replies everyone.  I was a little worried about the 
possibility of some malicious code being passed to the dtml but since 
the parameter in question is coming from an external database, it wasn't 
a huge possibility.  Nonetheless, it was still a possibility so I did 
what was suggested below and created a python script to convert the text 
representation of the list to a list of integers, which is what is needed.

I appreciate the quick replies!

Josef Meile wrote:

>>You can't use 'eval' in either a DTML method or a python script.  You have
>>to create an external method to use 'eval'.
>It's a bad idea. When I was a newie, I also figured out the same solution,
>somebody said:
>"What if instead of a list, some bad user pass: rm -Rf?"
>So, it seems an useful command, but in fact it is dangerous.
>My suggestion for the thread author: if you can't send a list as somebody
>then remove the first and last square braces and do a split. Off couse this
>will only work if your list is very simple; on the contrary, if you use
>lists of lists,
>you will have to do some kind of recursive function.
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