[Zope] Building a site template

Philip Kilner phil at xfr.co.uk
Sun Feb 8 21:27:23 EST 2004

Hi John,

John Poltorak wrote:
>>I know you'll hear others say this, but try ZPT if you can - it does my 
>>head in, and sometimes seems very cryptic, but it better defines where 
>>design/HTML end and function/Script begins.
> Do I need Plone for that? 

No, in fact the ZPTs in Plone are a bit heavy-duty to begin with.

> Where can I grab some sample ZPT pages, just to see what they look like?

I've just installed a clean copy to see what's in there now - and am 
surprised to see that I don't see the examples I remember...anybody?

>>How well do you know Python?

OK, well Python is relatively easy, but the reason I asked is that you 
need to do something "satisfying" to get hooked - you could stick to 
working with templates to get some look-and-feel mileage, or play with 
some products to get a feel for what's out there...

> Plone on top of CMF on top of Zope on top of Python all installed and 
> managed remotely, sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. There's just 
> too much to go wrong, but I'll persevere in the hope that it may 
> eventually work... 

OK, well it might /sound/ like a tower of cards, but really it's a very 
logical progression: -

- Python is a scripting language, suited to web applications.
- Zope is a web application server written in Python.
- CMF is a content-management framework written in Zope - a tool kit for 
content management applications.
- Plone is a full-blown out-of-the-box content management application.

> Does Plone come with its own tutorial?

No as such, as far as I know. As a content management system it is 
fairly intuitive - but making it for things it doesn't do out of the box 
is a bit more complicated. I'd definitely get some Zope orientation 
under your belt first.

> I still can't get my head around what it provides.

As a content management system, it's mainly about creating and 
publishing web content, but the complexities of the subject mean that it 
/looks/ like a tool for text-based portal applications. It can do a lot 
more, but sadly many Plone sites never go beyond Plone's own - excellent 
  - look and feel.

It's hard to help in a vacuum - what do you /want/ to do with Zope?




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