[Zope] installing CMF 2.4.1

Børge Kjeldstad borge.kjeldstad at whiteflower.no
Mon Feb 9 06:44:16 EST 2004

Hi there!

I have downloaded windows version of CMF 2.4.1 and used WinZip to
unpack it. On the install info page


I read the following:

"Note for Windows users: if you are using WinZip to unpack the file,
be sure to disable the "TAR file smart CR/LF expansion" option (thanks
to Frank McGeough for tracking down this problem!)"

Now I wonder what this actually means? Or what I actually am told to
do here? Is it something I shoul do in WinZip, or something I should
do after I have unzipped the file?

Thank you for any kind answers!

Have a nice day : )

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