[Zope] Newbie help: How to change path of /p_/images in dtml-tree

Alfredo P. Ricafort alpot at mylinuxsite.com
Tue Feb 10 05:40:11 EST 2004


I defined the content of my site under the Zope folder '/home' which is
directly under the 'Root Folder'.  But this site is accessed by the url
'www.mydomain.com/Zope'.  I managed to do this using a VirtualHost
Monster, and Rewrite rule in Apache as follows:

RewriteRule ^/Zope/(.*)
http://localhost:8080/VirtualHostBase/http/www.mydomain.com:8000/VirtualHostRoot/_vh_Zope/$1 [L,P]

My problem now is that I have a dtml-tree, and this tree access images
from '/p_' directory using a relative path.  For example, the expand
button (+) in the tree is referenced as:

<img src="/p_/pl" alt="+" border="0" /> 

This fails because the correct path should be 'Zope/p_/pl'.

Is there a way that I can correct this url from dtml-tree?



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