[Zope] Please help with authentication problem

Jens Vagelpohl jens at zope.com
Tue Feb 10 13:41:02 EST 2004

> I thought I would authenticate the users by setting up a small 
> protected
> page template that would get called against the current page of the 
> user
> when the login link was clicked. The template would force a login and 
> then
> redirect back to the page the user started from.
> When I do that, it does force a login and redirect, but the menus do 
> not
> change after the redirect. However, the user is logged in--if I try 
> this
> with a manager password, I can type "manage" against the site url and
> immediately jump into the management interface without additional 
> login.
> After doing this, when I return to the wiki pages, the login link is 
> hidden
> and the edit link shows as it should. The following do not work: 
> manually
> reloading the page, jumping after login to a separate "login 
> successful"
> page and then linking back to the wiki pages, or visiting extraneous 
> pages
> in between. The only thing that makes the menus change correctly is to 
> visit
> the management interface (without further login) and then return to 
> the wiki
> pages.

Hi Jim,

I have found myself up against this very problem a few times in some of 
my own Zope products. I never found any satisfactory solution. Browser 
cache is definitely one of the problems, but there might be other 
factors that I never dove into.


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