[Zope] Where is the default ZPT?

Cynthia Kiser cnk at caltech.edu
Tue Feb 10 15:38:44 EST 2004

I would like to edit the text of the default ZPT that comes up when
you create a new Page Template from the ZMI. Basically all the pages
on a site I am working on have the same template. Following the
instructions in the Zope Bible, I created a Page Template containing a
metal:define-slot macro

  <span metal:define-slot="content">
    Content will go here.

And then created a content file as a new Page Template with a matching
metal:fill-slot tag enclosing the page's content. Works great. 

Now what I would like is to be able to create new pages but just
adding new Page Templates that prefill the
"metal:fill-slot"-containing skeleton. I tried editing
standard_templage.pt so that it contains the following:

  <html metal:use-macro="root/SubPageTemplate/macros/standard_look">
      <title tal:content="template/title">The title</title>
      <span metal:fill-slot="content">

  Paste content here.


But this file does not seem to be what I guessed it was because when I
create a new Page Template and click "Add and Edit", the textarea
still contains the boilerplate ZPT that shipped with my Zope
installation (2.6.4rc1): 

      <title tal:content="template/title">The title</title>

      <h2><span tal:replace="here/title_or_id">content title or
	  <span tal:condition="template/title"
		tal:replace="template/title">optional template

      This is Page Template <em tal:content="template/id">template

Where do I edit the default ZPT content? (And what did I mess up by
editing standard_template.pt?)

Cynthia Kiser
cnk at caltech.edu

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