[Zope] newbie zope programming?

Lennart Regebro regebro at nuxeo.com
Wed Feb 11 08:16:46 EST 2004

From: "Frank Rocco" <farocco at hotmail.com>
> I understand that about the ZPT, but am lost on the statement to create a
> real product using the FS.
> Do you use python to create a FS product?

Yup. There are some tutorials on how to get started. There is also
information in the ZopeBook. Getting started is actually very easy. I would
say it's much easier than ZClasses, even. At least it was last time I tried
using ZClasses, but admittedly, that is many years ago... ;-)

Try a search on zope.org for SimpleProduct or something like that.

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