[Zope] auto download link

Jerry lists411 at myd1.com
Thu Feb 12 19:04:04 EST 2004

Hi Zopeople,

I have some python files that I want users to be able to download.  I
would like them to be able to click on the anchor and start
downloading.  I must be missing something fundamental in Zope or HTML.
I cannot figure out how to *download* the file instead of display it.

I have tried creating a File object and DTML Document, tried changing
the Content Type to application/msdownload (and about 20 other types).
I have used DocFinder and tried all kind of method names (looking for
the inverse of 'document_src').

Is there a way to force the download action instead of rendering?

Jerry      (Mailed safely with The Bat! 2.02.3 CE)
Nobody can be un-cheered with a balloon.

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