[Zope] how to configure Zope to use Python 2.3.3

J Cameron Cooper jccooper at jcameroncooper.com
Thu Feb 12 19:28:26 EST 2004

Rod Thorburn wrote:

>I am running Zope 2.6.3 (binary release) on win2k, which by default installs
>Python 2.1.3 . However, I wish to use Python 2.3.3 and I can't see how to
>'swap' Python instances.
You can call whatever version of Python you want to use when starting 
Zope. The binary release of that version makes a 'start' script that 
calls the Python binary that comes with it. You can edit that script to 
use whatever version of Python you like to execute 'z2.py'. (I usually 
make it call a symbolic link that I can change to point at different 
Python executables without editing the script.)

Zope 2.6.x may or may not work well with Python 2.3.3. Zope 2.7 is the 
release that officially goes to Python 2.3 series. It has a slightly 
different scheme for starting, as I recall.


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