[Zope] searching Zope.org

Jerry McRae jerry at usd1.com
Thu Feb 12 19:28:10 EST 2004

Hi Zopeople,

Another question: how to I phrase this...

Is there a good way to search for something on Zope.org?  I there
doesn't seem to be a way of searching for a particular type of item
(like search only in how-to's, or only in zope book).  Some search
terms find so many matches in readme or announcement pages that it
takes forever to scan (at only 10 items per page).

Didn't we used to be able to select the content type to search?

And how 'bout that 10 items per page thing.  Any way of increasing

ZopeLabs has a similar bug, which has been there for a long time.  It
allows you to change the batch size, but doing so resets the category
to all.  Example, you click on recipe category CMF and instead of
seeing only 10 per page, you enter 100 in the batch size prompt hoping
to see all of them.  But instead you see the first 100 of ALL
recipes.  I have tried appending &category=CMF to the URL, but that
didn't work.  Anyone know of a way to get larger batch sizes in one
category on ZopeLabs.

I try to do search everywhere before posting a question here, but I
find it hard to search some of the Zope sites.  Is it just me?  I
couldn't find any mention of difficulties searching on this list so
maybe it is. :-0

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