[Zope] Proxy roles and ZClasses

Marcin Wudarczyk mar at mar.prv.pl
Fri Feb 13 07:01:11 EST 2004

I have installed the Zope 2.7.0 and have following problem: if I
assign a proxy role to the constructor of a ZClass that was created
automatically, and then try to add a new instance (for example, from
the management screens) I get following error: (my ZClass name is

Error Type: ValueError
Error Value: unpack list of wrong size

most recent traceback:

Module None, line 3, in Order2_add
<PythonScript at /Shop/Orders/SessionOrders/Order2_add>
Line 3 
Module AccessControl.Owned, line 127, in getWrappedOwner

I tried to identify the problem, and I found out that
getWrappedOwner returns an empty list, which causes the exception. But
it seems that getWrappedOwner it is called at least two times, and the first
call returns a proper value.

Of course, in previous version, everything worked ok.

If you have any ideas, I would be very grateful

      Marcin Wudarczyk

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